3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object.

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The 8 ways 3D printing is changing manufacturing 2016/05/13

People debate whether 3D printing/additive manufacturing will really have an impact on design and manufacturing. Hod Lipson, professor at Columbia University, recently gave a presentation on why 3D printing will definitely disrupt what we know of today as design and manufacturing. Here is his 8 reason.

  • No assembly required
  • Variety/Quantity is free
  • No skill in manufacturing needed
  • Reduce or eliminate lead time
  • Design constraints only limited by your imagination
  • Compact, portable technology
  • Complexity really is free
  • An increasing array of materials choices